how to add an offer to flyers

Flyers and leaflets are marketing in its purest form. 

Adding a tantilizing offer together with unique artwork can transform your flyers and leaflets into extremely, cost effective tools at increasing sales and bringing more customers in the door.

Like everything however, there are guidelines which will increase the success of your flyer or leaflet

Before a potential customer sees your offer, they have to see your flyer or leaflet

I can only get a response for your offer if your flyer or leaflet has bold, unique and creative artwork.

Give me permission to push the boundaries of your brand and how I visually depict your offer. 

If you allow me to do this I can guarantee you a more successful marketing campaign.

I can’t give you a formula for success but I can give you a formula for failure – let’s try to please everyone all the time.

Herbert Bayard Swope, 3-time recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for Reporting

Email the necessary information regarding the design of your flyers or leaflets 
taking into consideration the 9 guidelines below:
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What to consider when adding offers to your Flyers or Leaflets

1. Your Offer

Consider long and hard what your offer should be, how big your offer can be and how to phrase and present your offer. 

More importantly, you need to consider how you can up-sell on your offer once a customer avails of your initial offer. This will have a huge effect on the success of your leaflet / flyer.

2. Your Main Heading

Big, bold, direct and focused. Put yourself in your customers shoes. We need to grab and hold their attention. Keep it short.

3. Benefits

Write in 3 to 5 sentences the main benefits of your offer and services you offer.
Do not worry about repeating yourself; simply try to elaborate.

4. A Tagline

Sum up the main benefit of the offer into one, clear sentence.

5. Services

If promoting an offer, I like to ‘only’ promote the offer to force the potential customer into a decision but if you wish to add your services please list them.


6. Contact Information

Email me your contact information. Telephone, Mobile, Fax, Email & Website.

7. Personal Benefits

How does your offer benefit your customer on an emotional level?

You do not offer book keeping – you offer peace of mind
You do not offer dentistry – you offer confidence
You do not sell shoes – you sell comfort
You do not financial advice – you sell security
I do not sell flyers – I sell a tool to grow your business

8. Social Media

Let me know what social media outlets you utilise in your marketing material. Facebook,Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram etc.

professional marketing imagery for your Flyers or Leaflets

9. Your Imagery

Let’s catch their eye with the perfect image. Choose any image from for only €5.

The more you consider each guideline above the more customers your flyers or leaflets will attract…

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