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How Perfect brand positioning helped a CBD company successfully launch with zero marketing.

The stigma attached to Cannabis products and its users is slowly abating and filtering into the mainstream consciousness. Cannabis Lite is riding the crest of that wave and shouldering the responsibility as a torchbearer for the industry. Our mission was to open up the world of Cannabis and CBD to the mid-to-high income earners, who are turning to a more socially conscious and sustainable way of life.

We designed the Cannabis Lite brand from the ground up, with the principle of taking cannabis and CBD sales from an unregulated and unreliable marketplace to a transparent and trustworthy experience for the end user. Placing it alongside the careful and considered branding of wine and craft beer, whilst being backed up by a powerful Ecommerce sales funnel, from social media leads all the way through to the back end fulfilment division, followed up by email marketing to increase conversions and return rates.

Since the launch Ecommerce sales spiked to over 190%, engagement on socials more than doubled and return purchases running at a solid rate of 1 in every 6 customers, off the back of email retargeting.


Brand Strategy

Brand Positioning

Brand Development


Brand Identity

Product Design

Packaging Design

Web Development




Art Direction

POS Marketing Material

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