I think for most of us, when we think of a perfect lifestyle we focus on our careers. If we get the perfect job, we get the perfect life — right?

And yet even the best jobs in the world must have their downsides, whether it be an actor, travel photographer or doctor.

I have pondered this for many years. Having travelling and worked my way through 22 countries in the past 7 years I have always had a strong desire since childhood to live a perfect lifestyle. The 9 to 5 daily grind was never going to be for me.

However, the conclusion I have come to is there is no perfect job, only the perfect working environment.

  • Having a quick surf before walking to my office in Bali.
  • Soaking my feet as I worked beachside in Sri Lanka.
  • Eating my way to health in Thailand

I mean think about it. What if everyday when you went to work your breakfast was ready for you. Then your personal trainer called you for your 11am yoga class. Your balanced healthy meal was freshly prepared and delivered to your desk with your coffee (just the way you like it)

And at the end of the day you jumped in the sauna and then grabbed a quick massage before heading on home.

Would fairly take away a lot of the stress of daily life — right?

Wouldn’t all those perks make whatever job you were doing more than bearable.

Wouldn’t perks like these make everyday great?!

So, how do we get these perks?

Well there’s only one way isn’t there? You work like a maniac from 20 to 35 and hope by then you are a multi-millionaire.

But, propose you do become a millionaire. You are then faced with the next problem.

Who to share your wealth with?

No point in sitting in the sauna on your own everyday.

What we need is to combine all our boring offices and office rent into one big super office.

Where we all pull our resources and avail of all the little amazing perks to perk us up everyday.

The perfect life is not about getting the big things right, its about getting the little daily things right.

Well, I was fed up trying to find it and so as they say, if you want something badly enough — do it yourself.

Another irony on my years of travel was there is no place like home.

After years of travelling I am going home to the beautiful city of Cork, Ireland to build a one of a kind working environment where work, diet and exercise are in unison — Bodhi — an office space with a difference

— Check it out > http://www.bodhi.ie/ and let me know your thoughts.

What would your perfect working day consist of?

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