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How to Maximise Profits During Large Events

Large sporting events like the Soccer World Cup or Rugby World Cup are events where every business should take a moment to ponder how best to capitalise. 

Thousands of people become fascinated and affixed, betting and discussing games, controversies and ups and downs as events such as these unfold.

If you sell food or drink in any capacity you should always take a moment and contemplate how best to maximise profits during events such as these.

The Hospitality Sector

If you own a pub / bar / cafe / hotel then advertising your business as thee place to watch matches should begin now. 

The thing about big events is people are more open to breaking their ‘usual’ hang outs. 

Having a good seat with a good view of the game is the most important factor for some. 

Even if your business is not the normal spot for sports, for each game you should be at your capacity.

The Big Pub / Bar

sports pub advertising cork

If you can hold many people in your bar then get them in. Have business cards on every table which show the fixtures of the event with your Pubs name AND offers! 

When people want to watch a game, they won’t walk around looking for the right pub, they will simply head straight to the pub they know is taking the World Cup (or Sporting Event) seriously.

Could you have a large projector making it so everyone in your pub could watch the event? 

Even if you were to invest in a lot of equipment for an event like the World Cup could you at least aim to cover your investment by the end of the tournament and transform your establishment into a great pub for sporting events in the future?

Having Your Establishment Match Ready

As the owner of a large establishment, you should actually practise arranging tables and chairs to maximise room and achieve mass capacity for match days. 

Most pubs don’t actually do this and so a group of 7 can arrive, grab some chairs and move tables to give themselves the best seat to watch the game. 

However by doing this they can actually ‘remove’ space from your pub were you could have had many more customers comfortably watching the game, drinking and making your business profit.

On the day of a game have your pub should be ‘match ready’.

Bonuses / Extras

  • What extras will you give away?
  • Will everyone get a few chips at half time?
  • A free drink if so and so scores?


You would be amazed at how far a free bowl of chips will go with punters on match days and how quickly it will spread that your pub is the place to be large events.

A well-timed offer can greatly encourage a round of drinks to go around again. If four friends are on a round. It is usually on the 4th round that conversations begin as what to do next. – voila A bowl of curry/few chips/drinks specials land on their table. Sometimes this is all that is needed for someone to say, “well, sure we might as well stay here for one more” which leads into another 4 rounds.

The Small Pub

Okay, so bigger pubs might have large screen TV’s and big atmospheres but it will be hot and not everyone will be comfortable. 

A small pub can have a great, cozy atmosphere were customers can more easily discuss the game, purchase food and drink or simply get to the bathroom easier. 

Advertise these strengths as there will be many people wanting to enjoy the game in a more quiet and relaxed atmosphere.

sports pub advertising

Table Service

How many extra drinks could you sell during the 2-3 hour window of a match if customers do not have to get up. 

Table service is not huge in Ireland, but come game day having a well-trained waiter/waitress in among the crowd which customers can order drinks from directly will greatly increase profit.

The simple aim, whether you own a large or small establishment during large events is you should be running on full. To do this, you simply need to play to your strengths.

The Cafe

Again I feel most cafes do not capitalise on such events. There will be many games during the World Cup that the masses will not be interested in.

cafe sports marketing

However, this does not change the fact that most people enjoy their drink, coffee or food that little bit more with some light entertainment. If Tonga is playing Georgia, people won’t be running to the pubs, but, I would definitely go to (and have in the past) a particular cafe for my breakfast or coffee if I knew I could enjoy the game during it.

There all many people who would gladly choose a quiet cafe to enjoy a game.

  • A Father and son
  • Couple just having a coffee
  • Group of lads too hungover to face the large, hot crowds of a pub
  • Few workers on their lunch break catching the end of a game

Reputations can be quickly created during the month of a large event like a Soccer or Rugby World Cup to the point that when big games are on, people would gladly head to a nice, small cafe to get great seats, a cup of nice coffee and a Rugby World Cup sandwich.

The Hotel

Reputations are harder for Hotels to create and so strong advertising needs to take place. 

People need to know that the professional, high-end reputation the hotel holds, is being put slightly to one side to allow the craic, banter and loud atmosphere of a good World Cup game to flourish. 

Trying to maintain a classy atmosphere AND capitalise on the World Cup is a difficult brand to pull off.

large sports bar marketing

Could you host the final?

Simply put you need to embrace the World Cup atmosphere and with great seats, great food and great TV’s sell yourself as the place to be to watch large events. 

I would encourage some huge offers at the beginning of the World Cup to get new punters in and away from the craic of the local pubs. 

Put on a great drinks and/or foods special for the first few large games and advertise them strongly. 

If you get one great atmosphere at the beginning of a tournament this word will spread quickly around your local town about where best to watch the games.

The Take Away

takeaway marketing cork

With Take Aways sports marketing it is simple!

England V Ireland this Wednesday at 8pm “Have a night in with the boys with 3 large pizzas, 2 garlic bread and free coke delivered direct to your door” This works on so many levels. The trick is to inform! Simply stating ‘World Cup Feast’, is not enough.

Inform your customers of Whose playing, What Day and What Time. 

This allows a passer by to immediately call his/her friends and ask if they fancy a take away this Wednesday at 8pm to watch England V Ireland.

In Conclusion:

In essence, what I am trying to do is encourage you to at least consider sporting events. 

Take a moment, grab a pen and paper and think. 

There is always something any business can do to capitalise on everything. Underlying all of this is the realisation that in business you always have to do something. 

With 10 years experience in Marketing the only absolute truth about marketing is that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Even the big guys get it wrong sometimes. 

There is no way for certain that a specific type of marketing will 100% work, However, what is guaranteed… is doing nothing will 100% result in nothing.

Plus, every time you do try to capitalise on such events as Rugby world cups etc, you are always learning and when the next large event comes around, you will be better prepared on how to improve your marketing. 

This.. is what marketing and growing a business is all about.

Want to discuss marketing your business? 
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