Montrose, Scotland Commercial Storage

Finding the Ideal Customer for a Large-Scale Commercial Storage Company.

I help companies find their ideal customers.

I am a brand strategist based in Westport, Co. Mayo passionate about building brands that connect with customers and drive sales.

Paul Feeney


Survival Systems International

A Global lifeboat manufacturing company

Verisense Technologies

Worldclass wearable sensing platforms

Shimmer Research

A Global Leader In Wearable Technology.

SSI Aerostructures

Specialising In The Manufacture Of Advanced Aircraft Structures.

Westport Estate

A €75 Million Project To Transform Westport Estate Into A World-Class Tourism Destination.

Cannabis Lite

A CBD Dispensary offering premium CBD buds.

Focus on the framework,
Not the marketing.

Brand Strategy is about story-selling

To do good work is to work with good people. My constant pursuit to improve my business development skills allows me to uncover opportunities within my work, my partners and my clients.

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