how to design the perfect business card

The guidelines below are to help with the process of ordering and designing your business cards. The few minutes you take to read these tips will greatly enhance the design of your business cards, decrease your design fees and decrease the time it takes to get them right.

Emailing me the answers to the 10 Guidelines below will allow me to give you the best value and design for you a creative, business growing, lead generating business card..

1. Quantity

This is not about how many business cards you want, or even about how many business cards you need. 

It is about how many business cards you can get out into the world.
Please choose from the quantities below


1000 – Recommended


business card printing cork

if you feel 1000 business cards are too many, in truth you are not seeing and utilising them in the correct way. 

As a Business Owner you should have business cards with you at all times.

creative business cards cork

2. Make your Business Card Memorable

Interested in making your business card stand out?
Choose a special finish for your business cards from the list below.

It is an invaluable investment to have unique and memorable business cards.

3. Your Name

4. Your Title

Make your title the service or skill you offer.

Use your Title to ‘sell’ your skill or service. Make your title a selling point. The service I offer is one of a ‘Design & Marketing Consultant’, which I state on my business card.

how to design business cards

I could place (Like many people) Director, CEO or Owner on my business card, but this says nothing of the services I offer. Remember your business card is a selling tool and so your title should embody the very skill or service you offer.

5. Your Contact Details

The rule is to not place more than you need too. Having many forms of contact information does not increase professionalism.

  • Mobile
  • Tel
  • Fax
  • Email


Which form of contact comes first depends on which form of contact you want to encourage.

  • Want people to call your mobile? Place this first.
  • Want people to call your landline? Place this first.

Personally I like it when people state their mobile numbers prominently.
It says I am here when you call me and on call at all times.

6. Your Photo

Okay, so nobody likes having their face on their business cards, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is a proven marketing technique which increases trust. This is why it is standard practice among financial institutions. The image is small so you do not need to be a professional photographer or need a fancy camera. Stand in front of a white background and take a ‘still’ photograph. Even with a smart phone and I can do the rest.


Having a photo shows confidence and increases trust.

7. Your Services

You have to realise that you will not always be there to ‘explain’ your services or what you offer. 

Your business cards should 
1. Embody, 
2. State and 
3. Visualise the core reason why someone should get in touch with you.

Remember: You must connect with your customers on an emotional level.

8. Your Advert

Business cards are a tool for marketing so let’s not be shy.

In my professional opinion, one side of your business card should state your contact details cleanly and clearly and the other should be a blatant advert. Even a price point will greatly improve referrals.

No one ever does this of course because it breaks the mould, but it is my job to make you money and this is proven to help.

should i place pricing on my business card

A price point is an excellent way of reminding people of the value you offer.

9. Your Social Media Information

All I will say is don’t place Social Media icons on your business card to simply place Social Media icons on your business card.

social media management cork

If your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Instagram accounts add value to your business than by all means let’s add them.

However, if your pages are outdated and consume your most valuable commodity – ‘your time’, bringing in no sales, then don’t.

10. The Perfect Business Card: To Sum Up

Thank you for going through these guidelines. 

Copy and paste the below information and your responses and contact my Corkteam

  • 1. How many business cards?
  • 2. What Finish?
  • 3. Your Name?
  • 4. Your Title?
  • 5. Your Contact Details
  • 6. Your Photo
  • 7. Your Services
  • 8. Your Advert
  • 9. Your Social Media Info

Any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch

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