"What do you do exactly Paul?"
"I'm in Brand Management"
"Right...... and what exactly is a brand management?"

I can fully understand why brand management is a slightly confusing or vague title. Because, essentially your brand is your everything and should be seen as such. 

One of the best ways to put across what exactly is brand management or more importantly its importance is to use the example of the Interview.

Waiting for interview

The INterview

When preparing for an interview, what do we do?

How do we prepare ourselves?

1) We prepare how we look
2) We prepare what we will say

how we look (image)

● We get our suit ready
● The right tie,
● The hair cut,
● The special touches such as cuff links, rolex or pocket square

what we say (content)

We also prepare what we will say,
What they might say and how best to respond,

All in all it is simply about putting our best foot forward and presenting ourselves in the best possible light. A version of ourselves that is as good as we can muster.

You get the job!

You get the job and someone asks,

"How did you get the job?"

What will you say?

Did you get the job because you had shiny shoes, nice haircut or the fact that you bought a new suit? Was it answers you memorised or the stories you told?

The answer of course, is it was all of it!

Even if we ask the interviewers, was it because of the candidates haircut or shiny shoes they got the job, they will of course say.

However, turning up with untrimmed facial hair or grubby shoes could also cost you the same job, even though all parties would say they had nothing to do with why you were selected.

Simply put, during an interview we present the best version of ourselves in all ways we can. From how we look to what we say. This is your personal brand and your company brand is no different.

From your logo to your business cards (The Look) to your email and Facebook marketing (What you say) it all matters in closing the deal with potential customers.

Your entire brand must be managed from how your company looks (Design) to what your company "says" (Copywriting) and all of this together is your company image or brand.

It is only through the establishment of a solid brand where trust, loyal customers and steady sales can be developed.

Want to build your business? 
Begin working on building your business brand.

To discuss the brand building of your company call me today.

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