Bringing the Founder of H-Training's 30 Years of Experience & Reputation Online

Founded in 1989 by Helen Hourican, H-training grew in a pre-internet era via referrals and word of mouth. To continue to grow the challenge was to mold 30 years of experience into an online brand and lead-generating digital marketing strategy.

About H-Training

● H-Training provides a wide range of HR and Learning & Development Solutions to private and public sector organisations on a local and national basis.


● Increase sales in Interview Coaching.

● Implement a system and marketing strategy which could be continuously updated, grown and promoted easily by H-Training.
● Bring H-Training to page 1 of Google in relation to key search terms.

● Build a website with a foundation and structure the H-Training brand could grow on indefinitely.


● A module system was implemented into the website giving potential leads the ability to take online courses.

● An online video course was designed, developed and implemented including email automation.

● Sales pages were designed, promoted and tracked promoting specific services.
● Blogging was utilised to generate traffic, leads and to increase Google rankings.


● Page 1 in Google for key search terms was secured.
● Sales in Interview Coaching increased by 22% in 6 months

● Traffic increased by over 200%
● Leads via the website increased by 200%

● Overall revenue increased by 25%

Finally a marketing system which can be updated in-house and be subsequently reflected in our digital marketing and online brand.

Building a Foundation

The first step to building the online H-Training brand was to focus the endless experience H-Training offered into a solid foundational structure. Their wide array of services was narrowed down to 6 categories. Once this foundation was in place, a more accurate SEO narrative was built with correct SEO blogging categories sitting on top a now clear and neat website foundation. 

Turning Weakness to Strength

While H-Training offer a premium service they compete with larger firms with more staff and vast marketing budgets. H-Training had to be presented in the correct and true light of being a more hands-on company showcasing to its customers a much more direct, personal and 1-2-1 relationship.

SEO, Sales Pages & Automation

Sales pages containing tracking and linked to targeted Facebook Ad campaigns were built and promoted via SEO, Blogging and content marketing. This created a closed-loop marketing system whereby each article, lesson and post added increased traffic, leads and email subscribers. This closed-loop system also compounded with each new piece of content added resulting in a never-ending flow of traffic and leads. 

CEO of Web Strategist

Overnight success, but it was 15 years in the making

Tim Petch
h-training online course logo
h-training online course logo

New logo, fonts, icons and colour schemes were introduced to modernise the brand

A new web design and brand was built atop a hierarchal SEO structure to increase SEO and lead generation

web design cork

The 10 minute Interview Coaching Crash Course Sales page became a strong hook for consistent lead generation and sales

web design cork

A beautiful and engaging online course section was designed and developed greatly increasing customer retention, traffic and lead generation

h-training online interview coaching course

An emphasise on Interview Coaching was designed into the website with focus areas to direct customers to specific sales pages