Learn why Blogging is the number 1 marketing strategy for your Cafe

Learn Why Blogging is the #1 Marketing Strategy for Cafes, Bars & Restaurants

why blogging most powerful marketing tool

Learn Why Blogging is the #1 Marketing Strategy for Cafes, Bars & Restaurants

I really hope by now your cafe has a user-friendly, well-designed website.

A website is a cheap and wonderfully powerful tool which can transform a cafe. It can be a 24/7, 365 days a year receptionist which will not only take orders and collect emails, but bring in sales as well.

Where the growth of most cafes, bars and restaurants begins to plateau is in not fully appreciating the fact that their website, just like their company must be an evolving and growing entity. If you can’t or don’t update your cafe website, than it is simply an online brochure bringing in no new sales.

The true crime of not updating your website is NOT that traffic won’t increase and new customers won’t come in; it is in the fact that if you DO update your website you will be shocked at how much your cafe will grow.

Not updating your cafe website is such a waste of FREE potential.

The Power of Blogging and Updating Your Website

Someone searches Google for the products or services your cafe sells and up pops your website. Can you imagine how many additional sales your cafe would get?! How does Google decide which website goes on top? It looks for regularly updated websites with unique content pertaining to the keywords searched. When someone clicks on your cafes post this enhances your websites credibility and Google knows to rank your website higher.
(You cannot copy and paste words from other websites. Google knows when you do this and will punish your ranking for it).

Why Regularly Blogging puts a Cafe, Bar or Restaurant on the Path to Success.

why blogging can grow your business in cork

Type ‘Business Cards’ into Google and there is no way I will come up. Huge conglomerate print companies are spending thousands per month competing for such a general, sought after product. However, in the localised gaps of these general terms are windows of opportunities for the savvy small business owner.

Type in ‘Business Cards Cork‘ and there you’ll find my sister company www.Corkprinting.com, ‘Leaflets Cork’, ‘Flyers Cork’ etc. And you know what – people do.

People do shop locally on the internet. This is how a local cafe can win against larger competitors. Big coffee chains have to spread a large net. I as a Cork based business am targeting Cork, and winning.

(Now, as my reach online has expanded I can cater to all of Ireland. Something I never could have done had I stayed offline)

How to Write Unique Content for Your Cafes Blog and why it’s so important?

professional blog posting and article writing services, cork, dublin, ireland

Writing Your own Blog

The best source of unique information for your business is of course you. No one knows your unique selling proposition (USP) your products, services and business in general better than you do. You can draw from experiences, map out goals and explain with passion how your service will satisfy the needs of your customers. Show your love, energy and commitment to excellence and this will resonate with your target audience.

Out-sourcing your Blog

Of course… I know first hand that most cafe owners hardly have the time to eat never mind research and write articles. If that is the case, no problem, but it doesn’t change the fact that it still has to be done. If you don’t have the time or writing is not your strong suit than hire someone.

The value I bring to a business by adding researched, keyword rich articles to their website, combined with visually appealing artwork designed to encourage sharing via Social Media far outweighs its monthly cost.

Remember Blog Post writing is an accumulative form of marketing. Every article that gets added to your cafes website can be reposted, rewritten, re-shared, emailed, tweeted, liked and commented on again and again and again. All of which increases your websites traffic.

6 Side Bonuses of Blogging

the importance of blogging for small businesses by cork printing.com

As discussed the main power of a blog in today’s world of business is it’s guaranteed to increase your traffic if done correctly. However, there are many additional benefits to blogging.

1. The Personal Touch

Customers like to know there is a real life, passionate owner behind a business. As buyers we all respond to the human element of purchasing as all purchases, no matter how arbitrary are always done on an emotional level. Feeling closer to the owner of a business, even if online, increases trust and the odds of closing sales.

2. F.A.Q

An updated blog keeps a business up to date by answering and discussing questions, queries and even issues smoothly and quickly. Even if negative, potential customers seeing that a business is on top of current issues and events shows great customer service, again builds trust and helps close sales.

3. Building Credibility

Writing relevant posts on happenings within your area can quickly grow your cafes credibility as the ‘cool’, ‘hip’ and ‘happening’ place to be. Blogging is a great and easy way to establish your cafe as the place with its finger on the pulse of your city. This not only cements local customer loyalty but increases the likelihood of tourists visiting your establishment.


4. Promoting Products & Services

Just because a blog’s main benefit is increasing traffic, does not mean you can’t sell directly from your blog. Unveil new promos, introduce new items, push and plug specific services, give more insight into products you are already sell. Many cafes generate huge revenue streams from their blogs.

5. Interviews

Know someone within your industry who is doing well? Ask them how they do it and share your results with your subscribers and followers. It shows respect and love of the industry and business you are in. plus it has great viral strength.

6. Attract Repeat Visitors

If a repeat buyer returns to your website and sees new blog posts they immediately know you have a sincere interest in your brand and business. This quickly builds credibility making it more likely for them to buy from you.

Want to Start? Here are my Top 10 Tips for Blogging

write the perfect blog with these top ten tips, cork printing

1. Keywords

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. What words and combination of words are they searching for to find you and your cafe.

Want tips on how to find the perfect keywords?

2. Relevant Content

When you decide upon the words and phrases you feel your customers would use to find you, make sure they are in your post. If they are not there, Google can’t link the customer and you together.

3. Strategic Keywords

Think of your competition. If I tried to get ranked for ‘leaflet printing’ I would have no chance’. Leaflet printing Cork’ – I’m first page.

4. Place Keywords in Titles

Try and place your main Keywords in the headings, subtitles and titles of your post. This makes it easier for Google to quickly know what the post is about and point viewers to it.

5. Place your Keyword in the URL or your domain-name if you can.

As a young designer with no money I purchased the domain name ‘www.CorkPrinting.com‘ for my first company Why? Because if someone was searching for ‘Cork Printing‘, Google would find me.

Then if someone searched for ‘Embossed Business Cards, Cork‘, at least I had ticked all the boxes with my URL being ‘www.CorkPrinting.com/Embossed-Business-Cards/’

After 3 years of running Corkprinting.com I began travelling the world honing my skills in digital marketing. I returned to Cork 5 years later and established Businessman to the Rescue. The culmination of 8 years of hands on experience and research. Read my story here >

6. Strong Inbound links

Always work on getting links from other relevant websites to your cafes website. This is highly valued by Google and will increase your cafes ranking.

7. Updating your Cafe Website Regularly

You need to update your site regularly to ensure that search-engines continue to crawl your site and therefore enhance your ranking.

8. Internal links

Like the example above, I have linked the URL to my internal ‘Abou me’ page within my site. This helps my websites ranking.

9. Good outbound links

Google does not like pages that end. Linking keywords to relevant external sites from your cafes website will also help your websites ranking. For example you could link the word ‘coffee’ to your coffee supplier.

10. Don’t worry too much about Keyword Meta-Tags

Meta information was once the be all and end all of getting pages and websites ranked. Still important but essentially writing good content on a regular basis wins hands down every time.

Still Want More Proof Blogging Works?

business content writer and keyword specialist cork printing.com
By 2016 I have lived and worked in 21 countries

Once I understood the true power of blogging I started a travel blog – VirtuallyNomadic. This travel blog allowed me to travel the world pretty much for free over 4 years, all because of the traffic the blog generated. Is it because I am a good writer? No, it is because I knew how to set up blog posts correctly so Google would find them. And whomever Google finds first.. wins!

This can skyrocket sales for a cafe. More importantly blogging helped me build a foundation which expanded my business further than I ever could have imagined.

Let me do the same for you.

Want to discuss SEO blogging?
Get in touch or Call me on 021 234 0063.

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