How to Grow Your Business using Long Tail Keywords
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Long Tail Keywords; How they work and why they’re at the heart of every successful Business

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To grow a business beyond its brick and mortar foundation you need to move it online and refine its online digital presence. 

While businesses have limitations, brands do not.

To muscle in on your local world of Google is not as difficult or time-consuming as you think. For ‘online’ businesses it is nightmare, but as you (like most other businesses in your area) are not taking that step into the online seriously, the top-ranking search results are wide open for the taking.

How do we do that? We do that by adding Long Tail Keywords to blog posts and adding those blog posts to your website on a regular basis.

Most businesses don't realise that the heart of growing and expanding their reach lies in content — that is, words, or 'keywords' to be exact.

Putting the right words out into the world of the internet, in the right way, is a crucial step that once taken cannot be undone – unlike every other form of marketing. It is the accumulation of these correct words or ‘keywords’ that will slowly build your momentum in the form of an S.E.O snowball.

When enough keywords have been sent out and a willing buyer finds your business? That's the ‘tipping point’ in the growth rate of your business. A day when the momentum you've built takes off and begins growing in a way that can’t be stopped.

how to grow your business through correct content creation with cork brand management services

Content writing unlike every other form of marketing is accumulative.

‘Content is King’

The correct words and phrases being added to your website on a regular basis isn't only key to the success of your website, but imperative to the success of your business as a whole.

Why? Because a website is necessary in today’s business landscape, but remains pointless if no one can find it by searching for the products and services it sells.

If you truly want to build a business that each year passes becomes bigger and bigger until your growth is a self-sustaining mechanism, you need to be online, you need a website and you must update that website regularly with Long Tail Keywords

How to Write a Keyword Rich Article

how to write a keyword rich article with online trading vouchers, cork

Using Google Adword’s Keyword Planner Tool

Step 1.

Go to Google Adwords.

Select ‘Tools’, and then ‘Keyword Planner’. The Keyword Planner tool will help you with article ideas and in selecting specific keywords for the body of your article.

how to grow your business through correct blogging, cork

Step 2.

Click ‘Search for new Keywords using a phrase, website or category’.

how to increase your seo ranking with keyword rich blogging, cork

Step 3.

Here you enter the keywords which you want to promote. Try words related to the products or services you want to focus on for this particular blog post.
Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. What words would they search for to find your cafe.

As an example, I have chosen the keywords ‘Spot UV Business Cards‘ and ‘Embossed Business Cards‘. These are premium products I want to push more than my regular print products.

how to write the perfect blog post using google's keyword planner tool, cork

Now click on the tab that says ‘Keyword Ideas’. Google will now show you general key words related to (in this case) ‘Spot UV Business Cards‘ and  'Embossed Business Cards‘.

how to find the perfect keywords to help increase websites ranking, cork

Understanding Your Keyword Results

For now you are simply getting a general idea for the theme of your article. An overall sense of how people search for the products and services of your cafe in your area.

In my case we can see Ireland, Dublin, Design and Size are high volume words searched for regularly. I will bear these words in mind when writing my article combining them in different ways to form…’Long-Tail Keywords’.

For Example: Purchase your beautifully designed, Spot UV Business Cards today and I can have them shipped to Cork, Galway, Dublin or anywhere in Ireland next day.

how to increase your seo ranking by analysing keyword results correctly, cork

How to use the Keyword Planner to focus on specific keywords, ‘flesh out’ articles and reach a wider audience

Click on the ‘Avg Monthly Searches’ button twice. Google is now displaying keywords with the lowest amount of search volume. These are keywords we don’t want to use or target.

Scroll to the bottom and click the little right arrow button until you reach the end of your list. This will bring you towards keywords that have the most search volume.

how to find the perfect keywords to help increase websites ranking, cork

Think ‘Sales’ not ‘Traffic’

On my list ‘Business card paper’, ‘Business card templates’ and ‘Business card size’ are each ranked very highly. However, people searching for these terms may not be interested in buying. They are more likely looking for information. Bear this in mind when choosing the keywords you feel will work best.

Ensure you’re on the right track with the free tool ‘MozBar’

how to increase your seo ranking by analysing keyword results correctly, cork

Google MozBar Tool and add the plugin to your desired browser. Either Firefox or Google Chrome.

how to increase your seo ranking by analysing keyword results correctly, cork

Once downloaded it will appear in your browser.

What is MozBar?

Mozbar is a free tool which will quickly tell you the level of competition particular keywords have. In essence, I use it for encouragement. Before I begin writing I like to make sure I am on the right track with my theme and selected keywords. Mozbar shows me the SEO mountain I am up against and lets me know if conquerable. I basically want to make sure I am not trying to get ranked for keywords that are simply be too difficult to get ranked for and end up being a waste of my time.

How does Mozbar work?

Once installed you can search Google for the main keywords you have selected. When I search for ‘Spot UV Business Cards’ MozBar shows me the *Page Authority (PA) and the *Domain Authority (DA) of the results.

Do not get carried away with understanding these terms. This tip is too simply offer you a quick rule of thumb. If the Page Authority (or PA.) of most of the results are over 50, then you need to go back to the keyword planner and find new keywords. A PA of over 50 is highly competitive and you would struggle to rank for such keywords.

PA. Page authority is an SEO term used to describe the probability that a specific page from your site will be found on a search engine. Page authority is based on a logarithmic scale from 0 to 100.

DA. Domain authority is a measure of the power of a domain name and is one of many search engine ranking factors. Domain authority is based on three factors: Age, Popularity, and Size

Search results in Mozbar for ‘Spot UV Business Cards’:

  • Number 1 is The biggest print company in the Uk and Ireland, with over 400 stores and yearly turnovers in the millions.
  • Number 2 is WethePrinters. Again a print giant working with some of the biggest brands in the world.
  • Number 3 is Juke box print. Juke box even have stores outside of the UK and Ireland with stores around the world
  • Number 4 is Primoprint. Again a leader in the world of print working with brand names such as Nike, Amazon and Mino
  • Then ….. there is me.
  • how to increase your seo ranking by analysing keyword results correctly, cork

    With no budget and working solo I have managed to push my way in and sell a premium product against some of the world’s largest print companies, all of whom have enormous online marketing budgets as well as large teams.

    As you can see 2 of the highest ranked pages have page authorities of 21 and 23. I am currently on 14, however I am confident in 3 months from writing this I will rank top 3 for each of the premium business cards I sell.

    I also not only sell them cheaper than any other print company in Ireland but offer a high-end design service to match the premium nature of the cards.

    Most of the above do not. You order online, upload your own artwork or deal with rushed in-house graphic designers.

    My sales within each of these products has slowly risen over the past year, but now that my website ranking is reaching page 1 for certain keywords, orders are becoming more and more frequent. This is all because I regularly add Long-Tail Keywords rich articles to my website.


    It may have taken me months, but nothing else in terms of marketing matches the potential power this level of online visibility offers my business and where I want it to be.

    So that is all there is to finding perfect keywords for blog posts which will increase your SEO. As long as you fill your post with key words that are relevant and try your best to combine these keywords into single sentences your website ranking will increase, as well as your sales.

    How to Proceed?

    how to find the perfect keywords to help increase your websites ranking in google, cork

    You can and could analyse these results with a fine tooth comb. You could buy the thickest books to better understand the results above. However with years of experience of working with small to medium sized businesses I know that this will only hinder you.

    You see, your article still has to offer some value to your customer. If you begin focusing on the keyword analytics of each article what happens is.

    a) Articles take much longer to complete and with business owners being so busy, they start writing less and less until they stop completely.

    b) Articles become so full of excellently comprised Long Tail Keywords that the post looses an important element – its personal touch. Blog posts are meant to be a way of staying in touch with customers in a real and personal way.

    In my experience it is best to simply start writing. Use the tools and tips above to find ideas and keywords you might not have thought of and begin writing and adding articles to your website – today!

    You can always rewrite them, returning to improve articles as you pick up new tricks.

    In Conclusion

    • Think of your customer
    • Think of the keywords
    • Write an article which will help them find what they are looking for and find you.

    What to get started? Schedule a meeting today.

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