How Scratch Cards Increased the Profits of this Indian Take-Away

How Scratch Cards Increased the Profits of this Indian Take-Away

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A client with an Indian Take Away began giving away Coca-Cola for FREE with certain Meal Deals. He did this simply to please his customers.

This affected his profit margin but he wanted to show his existing customers he cared. He was scared he could loose these customers and so wanted to reward their loyalty.

He explained to me however, that he never really felt any of his customers appreciated the offer. The fact that their coke or sprite was absolutely free just did not seem to matter.

It was costing him money, but not strengthening his loyalty, brand or increasing his sales.

This was basically because of the over use of the word FREE. The word FREE within the hugely competitive world of fast food has slightly diminished in power and so we had to try a different approach – Scratch Cards.

He began handing out Scratch Cards with every meal where his customer could ‘win’ a soft-drink.

This created a remarkable difference. People became so happy in his store ‘winning’ their free soft drink.

They left happier and content with a smile and his food. Exactly what he was trying to achieve in the first place.

Of course every Scratch-card was a winning Scratch Cards.


The ‘winning a soft drink campaign’ became such a success that he began placing them in take away bags of particular groups of younger males. He found that when they found out later they had won a soft drink, they would often return to claim their prize but nearly always grabbed a quick burger or curry chip.

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“I gave away Coke for free and no one cared” he said
“but winning a Coke and everybody loved it”.

Powerful happy, satisfied feelings were now directly linked to his establishment.

Win prizes!,
You win!,
You’re a Winner!

See how powerful these words are? You can evoke immediate reactions, responses and emotions with these words which is at the heart of all great marketing campaigns.

Allowing customers to win pizza’s, nightclub tickets, discounts on products or even just a Chocolate bar can evoke a great feeling. People win, they are happy and that feeling of happiness is linked to your business. People will love your company and be back.

Scratch Cards are one of the best products at increasing brand awareness, word of mouth and customer loyalty overall.

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