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To Achieve Real Impact from Print, you have to Change the Way you Look at it

It is the message your print carries which adds value. Your message needs to be well planned, well crafted & well presented. Print is only the carrier of what is important – your message.

Your message needs to be presented to the right people, in the right way, at the right time. If this is in the form of a leaflet – so be it, but the leaflet itself is worthless. It is only paper and ink.

Print is not worth the paper it's printed on

5000 pieces of paper with ink is €115.00. However, you must realise that this initial purchase of €115 of paper and ink remains worthless until we place on your message. What we put on these pieces of paper is what counts. Only when we add your message is value added.

Design is an Investment. You can throw print away. You cannot throw design away
printing cork

If you are only willing to pay for paper and ink, how am I meant to offer value? How can I turn your print into a commodity to help grow your business?

If €115.00 for 5000 pieces of paper with ink is all you are willing to spend, then 5000 pieces of ink is all you will get.

Social Media Management, Online Marketing and Print

I am not going to go into the Pro’s and Con’s of Social Media and Online Marketing. They are both extremely effective tools for growing any business. However, sales are not closed with Social Media Marketing and to really capitalise on Online Marketing your whole business needs an entire online strategy from your website to email marketing to list building to content management, SEO and much, much more. All of these tools have ongoing costs, steep learning curves and a lot of initial investment, which will take time for us to get a return on.

Print is Different

Print is still the most cost effective way for 99% of businesses to not only survive in today’s world of business… but thrive.
However you must use print properly and most businesses do not.

What most businesses fail to fully realise is how much of an investment design is in the success of their business. Great Design takes research and time. Copy needs to be perfected and combined with striking visual imagery which depicts your brand flawlessly and specific messages memorably and immediately.

Print itself is a one off purchase. It is used and then discarded. Design is an investment. As your business grows you will begin to amass a selection of artwork which has been researched, has perfect copy, well-crafted headlines and sub-heading, stock imagery, correct visual depictions of your brand and more.

This is an incredible source of wealth for any business. An arsenal of copy, designwork and market research to draw from when marketing your business in any way in the future. Print is disposable; it can be wasted. No matter how good your print is it will always end up discarded. Great design can last forever. Design can grow your brand into something memorable, something special, something big.

The Money is in the Message

The Hierarchy of what information is given precedence on print is the most over looked aspect of its Design

How people react and how you want people to react to the messages you place on your print changes with every print product. You cannot simply state the same information in the same way on all print products. With each Print Product comes different rules.

These rules are not my rules nor my opinions. They are researched and proven rules on how people respond to different advertising mediums. And how do I know about such rules? Because it is my passion, personal interest and job to know. My interest in the psychology of people is what led me to be a designer in the first place.

Corporate giants such as McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Walmart and so on have been testing and improving their marketing strategies since they began. With Coca-Cola this is now over 127 years! 127 years of studying, learning and improving on how to sell Coke. We do not need to trial and error for years in the new world of marketing. Many have gone before us and so there are many proven tips and tricks we can use.


Picture your audience, decide your message, choose the most suited print item – grow your business

cheap pull up banner stands designed and printed cork, dublin


Being so large and cheap their value far outweighs their cost.

business cards designed and printed by paul feeney of cork, mayo, dublin


Generate leads and referrals with the perfect Business Card.

business cards designed and printed by paul feeney of cork, mayo, dublin


Booklets must clearly present the services of your company.

brochures designed and printed by paul feeney of cork, mayo, dublin


Brochures add professionalism and credibility to any business.

flyers designed and printed by paul feeney of cork, mayo, dublin


Simple, cheap and highly effective, flyers give instant results.

folders designed and printed by paul feeney of cork, mayo, dublin


Content change often? Then a well designed folder is the perfect product.

leaflets designed and printed by paul feeney of cork, mayo, dublin


Leaflets are still the most cost effective approach to promoting any business.

poster printing cork


Marketing is ongoing. Spread your message constantly with Posters.

cheap postcard printing, cork, Ireland


Use them as Appointment cards, questionnaires, invitations, flyers or more.

stationery, letterheads and compliment slip printing, cork


Letterheads and Compliment Slips can do more than depict professionalism.

scratch card printing cork, dublin


Scratch cards are one of the best products at increasing brand awareness, word of mouth and overall increasing customer loyalty.

cheap sticker printing cork, ireland


Cheap and versatile stickers can be a powerful marketing tool. They can be placed on outdated marketing, print, indoor or outdoors.

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