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Weekly Support, Advice, Inspiration and Accountability + Business and Marketing Development  + Implementation



  • Weekly Mastermind Call
  • Support, Advice, Inspiration and Accountability
  • Business Development Plan
  • Implementation of Said Plan
  • Monthly Reports of Progress

Let’s create a business plan and (this time) stick to it!

Personal Growth & Energy

"You're the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with" Jim Rohn.

You will amazed and shocked at how discussing business ideas with a group of like-minded people with a high amount of energy will bring you a tremendous amount of professional as well as personal growth.

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Support & Encouragement

Your weekly business calls are a safe place of mutual support. Every member wants to improve and so encouragement and respect flows naturally, something somewhat lacking in today's business environment.
After tossing around an idea and looking at it from all angles, if you decide to "go for it" you will have a group of people supporting you and hoping for your success. There is no competition in your Mastermind Call. Everyone wants everyone else to be successful.

Resources & Networking

While my Mastermind calls are not about networking you will naturally find yourself on the receiving end of a tremendous amount of resources.

"You can get everything you want in life, if you just help enough people get what they want."

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Differing Perspectives

If you constantly interact with the same people then your perspective on business remains the same.
It is incredibly powerful to be in a group of people with differing views and perspectives. Coming in contact with new business owners of different industries and disciplines will help you to see things from completely different and unique vantage points. 

Bespoke Business Planning

Members who choose the 'Support' or 'Implementation' plan receive marketing tactics by business coach, brand strategist and marketing consultant, Paul Feeney who oversees all calls.

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Learn From Anywhere!

Enjoy your call from anywhere! As long as you have your laptop or phone and a set of headphones, you can login and avail of advice, support and strategy development. Perfect for people working from home.

Frequently asked questions

Why Join a Weekly Mastermind Call?

How do the Weekly Mastermind Calls actually work?

What are the goals of the Mastermind Calls?

How many people will be on each Mastermind call?

How does accountability work?

"I love my weekly mastermind calls for boosting my energy! It revitalizes my interest in marketing strategies I know will work but never get the time or make the time to implement them. Paul is just great for support and encouragement which I love having each week (as I work for myself and from home). The call has completely pushed my business helping me stay positive, make plans and stick to them!".

Lindsey Mitchell - Mental Performance Coach

"Since Paul Feeney was first introduced to me, he has blown my mind with his marketing genius. Hand on heart Paul’s massive patience and hand-holding has opened my mind to the true power of online marketing! He guided and challenged me to put my own expertise online, by creating an online program, he very patiently built my audience and has just finished an online marketing campaign this weekend gone and to see what is in my PayPal account is mind-boggling! This guy is a master at what he does. I have already recommended and will continue to recommend Paul to business friends who are serious about branding their business and taking it to another level. Paul my continuous thanks for all your help.

Jim Hickey - International Show Jumping Psychologist

"The weekly calls with Paul have been great. It gives me a great focus in how I fully utilise my skillset in data analytics. As a programmer you have to be careful not to become focused on the wrong thing and to make sure you are constantly getting live feedback from real business owners. Talking and discussing ideas with creative, driven people every week gives me such a boost of energy for my projects".

Shamsul Hassan - Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Architect, Apple

"I find the weekly calls great at pushing me to continue to move forward. Running a cafe is one thing but growing a cafe another, and this group allows me time each month to develop ideas and strategies to help market and grow my cafe".

Liam Mullaney - Owner, Myos Cafe

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