What is the perfect life?

I think for most of us, when we think of a perfect lifestyle we focus on our careers. If we get the perfect job, we get the perfect life — right?

And yet even the best jobs in the world must have their downsides, whether it be an actor, travel photographer or doctor.

I have pondered this for many years. Having travelling and worked my way through 22 countries in the past 7 years I have always had a strong desire since childhood to live a perfect lifestyle. The 9 to 5 daily grind was never going to be for me.

However, the conclusion I have come to is there is no perfect job, only the perfect working environment.

  • Having a quick surf before walking to my office in Bali.
  • Soaking my feet as I worked beachside in Sri Lanka.
  • Eating my way to health in Thailand

I mean think about it. What if everyday when you went to work your breakfast was ready for you. Then your personal trainer called you for your 11am yoga class. Your balanced healthy meal was freshly prepared and delivered to your desk with your coffee (just the way you like it)

And at the end of the day you jumped in the sauna and then grabbed a quick massage before heading on home.

Would fairly take away a lot of the stress of daily life — right?

Wouldn’t all those perks make whatever job you were doing more than bearable.

Wouldn’t perks like these make everyday great?!

So, how do we get these perks?

Well there’s only one way isn’t there? You work like a maniac from 20 to 35 and hope by then you are a multi-millionaire.

But, propose you do become a millionaire. You are then faced with the next problem.

Who to share your wealth with?

No point in sitting in the sauna on your own everyday.

What we need is to combine all our boring offices and office rent into one big super office.

Where we all pull our resources and avail of all the little amazing perks to perk us up everyday.

The perfect life is not about getting the big things right, its about getting the little daily things right.

Well, I was fed up trying to find it and so as they say, if you want something badly enough — do it yourself.

Another irony on my years of travel was there is no place like home.

After years of travelling I am going home to the beautiful city of Cork, Ireland to build a one of a kind working environment where work, diet and exercise are in unison — Bodhi — an office space with a difference

— Check it out > and let me know your thoughts.

What would your perfect working day consist of?

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10 Tips to Make the Perfect Business Card

how to design the perfect business card

The guidelines below are to help with the process of ordering and designing your business cards. The few minutes you take to read these tips will greatly enhance the design of your business cards, decrease your design fees and decrease the time it takes to get them right.

Emailing me the answers to the 10 Guidelines below will allow me to give you the best value and design for you a creative, business growing, lead generating business card..

1. Quantity

This is not about how many business cards you want, or even about how many business cards you need. 

It is about how many business cards you can get out into the world.
Please choose from the quantities below


1000 – Recommended


business card printing cork

if you feel 1000 business cards are too many, in truth you are not seeing and utilising them in the correct way. 

As a Business Owner you should have business cards with you at all times.

creative business cards cork

2. Make your Business Card Memorable

Interested in making your business card stand out?
Choose a special finish for your business cards from the list below.

It is an invaluable investment to have unique and memorable business cards.

3. Your Name

4. Your Title

Make your title the service or skill you offer.

Use your Title to ‘sell’ your skill or service. Make your title a selling point. The service I offer is one of a ‘Design & Marketing Consultant’, which I state on my business card.

how to design business cards

I could place (Like many people) Director, CEO or Owner on my business card, but this says nothing of the services I offer. Remember your business card is a selling tool and so your title should embody the very skill or service you offer.

5. Your Contact Details

The rule is to not place more than you need too. Having many forms of contact information does not increase professionalism.

  • Mobile
  • Tel
  • Fax
  • Email


Which form of contact comes first depends on which form of contact you want to encourage.

  • Want people to call your mobile? Place this first.
  • Want people to call your landline? Place this first.

Personally I like it when people state their mobile numbers prominently.
It says I am here when you call me and on call at all times.

6. Your Photo

Okay, so nobody likes having their face on their business cards, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is a proven marketing technique which increases trust. This is why it is standard practice among financial institutions. The image is small so you do not need to be a professional photographer or need a fancy camera. Stand in front of a white background and take a ‘still’ photograph. Even with a smart phone and I can do the rest.


Having a photo shows confidence and increases trust.

7. Your Services

You have to realise that you will not always be there to ‘explain’ your services or what you offer. 

Your business cards should 
1. Embody, 
2. State and 
3. Visualise the core reason why someone should get in touch with you.

Remember: You must connect with your customers on an emotional level.

8. Your Advert

Business cards are a tool for marketing so let’s not be shy.

In my professional opinion, one side of your business card should state your contact details cleanly and clearly and the other should be a blatant advert. Even a price point will greatly improve referrals.

No one ever does this of course because it breaks the mould, but it is my job to make you money and this is proven to help.

should i place pricing on my business card

A price point is an excellent way of reminding people of the value you offer.

9. Your Social Media Information

All I will say is don’t place Social Media icons on your business card to simply place Social Media icons on your business card.

social media management cork

If your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Instagram accounts add value to your business than by all means let’s add them.

However, if your pages are outdated and consume your most valuable commodity – ‘your time’, bringing in no sales, then don’t.

10. The Perfect Business Card: To Sum Up

Thank you for going through these guidelines. 

Copy and paste the below information and your responses and contact my Corkteam

  • 1. How many business cards?
  • 2. What Finish?
  • 3. Your Name?
  • 4. Your Title?
  • 5. Your Contact Details
  • 6. Your Photo
  • 7. Your Services
  • 8. Your Advert
  • 9. Your Social Media Info

Any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch

Want to discuss Business Cards?

Get in touch today!

Does Your Company Order More Than 3 Sets of Business Cards a Year?Find out how to order Business Cards Faster, Cheaper and more Efficiently

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9 Things to Consider when adding an Offer to your Flyers or Leaflets

how to add an offer to flyers

Flyers and leaflets are marketing in its purest form. 

Adding a tantilizing offer together with unique artwork can transform your flyers and leaflets into extremely, cost effective tools at increasing sales and bringing more customers in the door.

Like everything however, there are guidelines which will increase the success of your flyer or leaflet

Before a potential customer sees your offer, they have to see your flyer or leaflet

I can only get a response for your offer if your flyer or leaflet has bold, unique and creative artwork.

Give me permission to push the boundaries of your brand and how I visually depict your offer. 

If you allow me to do this I can guarantee you a more successful marketing campaign.

I can’t give you a formula for success but I can give you a formula for failure – let’s try to please everyone all the time.

Herbert Bayard Swope, 3-time recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for Reporting

Email the necessary information regarding the design of your flyers or leaflets 
taking into consideration the 9 guidelines below:
to paul (at) businessmantotherescue (dot) com

What to consider when adding offers to your Flyers or Leaflets

1. Your Offer

Consider long and hard what your offer should be, how big your offer can be and how to phrase and present your offer. 

More importantly, you need to consider how you can up-sell on your offer once a customer avails of your initial offer. This will have a huge effect on the success of your leaflet / flyer.

2. Your Main Heading

Big, bold, direct and focused. Put yourself in your customers shoes. We need to grab and hold their attention. Keep it short.

3. Benefits

Write in 3 to 5 sentences the main benefits of your offer and services you offer.
Do not worry about repeating yourself; simply try to elaborate.

4. A Tagline

Sum up the main benefit of the offer into one, clear sentence.

5. Services

If promoting an offer, I like to ‘only’ promote the offer to force the potential customer into a decision but if you wish to add your services please list them.


6. Contact Information

Email me your contact information. Telephone, Mobile, Fax, Email & Website.

7. Personal Benefits

How does your offer benefit your customer on an emotional level?

You do not offer book keeping – you offer peace of mind
You do not offer dentistry – you offer confidence
You do not sell shoes – you sell comfort
You do not financial advice – you sell security
I do not sell flyers – I sell a tool to grow your business

8. Social Media

Let me know what social media outlets you utilise in your marketing material. Facebook,Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram etc.

professional marketing imagery for your Flyers or Leaflets

9. Your Imagery

Let’s catch their eye with the perfect image. Choose any image from for only €5.

The more you consider each guideline above the more customers your flyers or leaflets will attract…

Want to grow your business?
Get in touch today!

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How to Maximise Profits During Large Events

world cup marketing, cork, ireland

How to Maximise Profits During Large Events

Large sporting events like the Soccer World Cup or Rugby World Cup are events where every business should take a moment to ponder how best to capitalise. 

Thousands of people become fascinated and affixed, betting and discussing games, controversies and ups and downs as events such as these unfold.

If you sell food or drink in any capacity you should always take a moment and contemplate how best to maximise profits during events such as these.

The Hospitality Sector

If you own a pub / bar / cafe / hotel then advertising your business as thee place to watch matches should begin now. 

The thing about big events is people are more open to breaking their ‘usual’ hang outs. 

Having a good seat with a good view of the game is the most important factor for some. 

Even if your business is not the normal spot for sports, for each game you should be at your capacity.

The Big Pub / Bar

sports pub advertising cork

If you can hold many people in your bar then get them in. Have business cards on every table which show the fixtures of the event with your Pubs name AND offers! 

When people want to watch a game, they won’t walk around looking for the right pub, they will simply head straight to the pub they know is taking the World Cup (or Sporting Event) seriously.

Could you have a large projector making it so everyone in your pub could watch the event? 

Even if you were to invest in a lot of equipment for an event like the World Cup could you at least aim to cover your investment by the end of the tournament and transform your establishment into a great pub for sporting events in the future?

Having Your Establishment Match Ready

As the owner of a large establishment, you should actually practise arranging tables and chairs to maximise room and achieve mass capacity for match days. 

Most pubs don’t actually do this and so a group of 7 can arrive, grab some chairs and move tables to give themselves the best seat to watch the game. 

However by doing this they can actually ‘remove’ space from your pub were you could have had many more customers comfortably watching the game, drinking and making your business profit.

On the day of a game have your pub should be ‘match ready’.

Bonuses / Extras

  • What extras will you give away?
  • Will everyone get a few chips at half time?
  • A free drink if so and so scores?


You would be amazed at how far a free bowl of chips will go with punters on match days and how quickly it will spread that your pub is the place to be large events.

A well-timed offer can greatly encourage a round of drinks to go around again. If four friends are on a round. It is usually on the 4th round that conversations begin as what to do next. – voila A bowl of curry/few chips/drinks specials land on their table. Sometimes this is all that is needed for someone to say, “well, sure we might as well stay here for one more” which leads into another 4 rounds.

The Small Pub

Okay, so bigger pubs might have large screen TV’s and big atmospheres but it will be hot and not everyone will be comfortable. 

A small pub can have a great, cozy atmosphere were customers can more easily discuss the game, purchase food and drink or simply get to the bathroom easier. 

Advertise these strengths as there will be many people wanting to enjoy the game in a more quiet and relaxed atmosphere.

sports pub advertising

Table Service

How many extra drinks could you sell during the 2-3 hour window of a match if customers do not have to get up. 

Table service is not huge in Ireland, but come game day having a well-trained waiter/waitress in among the crowd which customers can order drinks from directly will greatly increase profit.

The simple aim, whether you own a large or small establishment during large events is you should be running on full. To do this, you simply need to play to your strengths.

The Cafe

Again I feel most cafes do not capitalise on such events. There will be many games during the World Cup that the masses will not be interested in.

cafe sports marketing

However, this does not change the fact that most people enjoy their drink, coffee or food that little bit more with some light entertainment. If Tonga is playing Georgia, people won’t be running to the pubs, but, I would definitely go to (and have in the past) a particular cafe for my breakfast or coffee if I knew I could enjoy the game during it.

There all many people who would gladly choose a quiet cafe to enjoy a game.

  • A Father and son
  • Couple just having a coffee
  • Group of lads too hungover to face the large, hot crowds of a pub
  • Few workers on their lunch break catching the end of a game

Reputations can be quickly created during the month of a large event like a Soccer or Rugby World Cup to the point that when big games are on, people would gladly head to a nice, small cafe to get great seats, a cup of nice coffee and a Rugby World Cup sandwich.

The Hotel

Reputations are harder for Hotels to create and so strong advertising needs to take place. 

People need to know that the professional, high-end reputation the hotel holds, is being put slightly to one side to allow the craic, banter and loud atmosphere of a good World Cup game to flourish. 

Trying to maintain a classy atmosphere AND capitalise on the World Cup is a difficult brand to pull off.

large sports bar marketing

Could you host the final?

Simply put you need to embrace the World Cup atmosphere and with great seats, great food and great TV’s sell yourself as the place to be to watch large events. 

I would encourage some huge offers at the beginning of the World Cup to get new punters in and away from the craic of the local pubs. 

Put on a great drinks and/or foods special for the first few large games and advertise them strongly. 

If you get one great atmosphere at the beginning of a tournament this word will spread quickly around your local town about where best to watch the games.

The Take Away

takeaway marketing cork

With Take Aways sports marketing it is simple!

England V Ireland this Wednesday at 8pm “Have a night in with the boys with 3 large pizzas, 2 garlic bread and free coke delivered direct to your door” This works on so many levels. The trick is to inform! Simply stating ‘World Cup Feast’, is not enough.

Inform your customers of Whose playing, What Day and What Time. 

This allows a passer by to immediately call his/her friends and ask if they fancy a take away this Wednesday at 8pm to watch England V Ireland.

In Conclusion:

In essence, what I am trying to do is encourage you to at least consider sporting events. 

Take a moment, grab a pen and paper and think. 

There is always something any business can do to capitalise on everything. Underlying all of this is the realisation that in business you always have to do something. 

With 10 years experience in Marketing the only absolute truth about marketing is that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Even the big guys get it wrong sometimes. 

There is no way for certain that a specific type of marketing will 100% work, However, what is guaranteed… is doing nothing will 100% result in nothing.

Plus, every time you do try to capitalise on such events as Rugby world cups etc, you are always learning and when the next large event comes around, you will be better prepared on how to improve your marketing. 

This.. is what marketing and growing a business is all about.

Want to discuss marketing your business? 
Get in touch today.

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Copywriting, When Every Word Counts

Professional Copywriting that Grabs Attention, Informs, Entices and Creates Action.

Copywriting is one of the most underutilised and under respected tools of graphic design and marketing in all its forms.

Whether it be a Blog Article, Brochure, Flyer, Facebook Post or entire Website, the copy you use in an attempt to engage, inform, entice and persuade a potential customer to become a follower, lead or sale is of the utmost importance. 

Copywriting cannot be an afterthought. I am not a writer, I am a marketer. Good copywriting is about placing yourself in a persons shoes in an attempt to connect with that customer on an emotional level and persuade action.

Want to discuss Copywriting? 
Get in touch or call me on 021 2340063

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Web Design

The 2 Main Goals Every Cafe, Restaurant & Bar Should Have

The 2 aims every cafe website should have, but don’t

What is the aim of your cafes website?
What is the aim of your bars website?
What is the aim of your restaurant website?

What is the point in having a website!?

So you own a cafe, bar or restaurant and you are thinking of investing IN or improving your establishment’s website.

  • Where you start?
  • What is your aim?
  • What do you want to achieve?

For most business owner these questions, unfortunately do not get asked, nor answered.

In my opinion, this is the fault of the web designer, but in truth one can argue that a web designers job is to build you a website, not build you a business.

The client (in this case a cafe, bar or restaurant owner) wants a good looking website.
And the web designers aim is the same.

The nicer looking the website – the better it is – correct?
The nicer looking the website – the more expensive it must be – correct?

And while the above 2 statements are true they still do not result in a good website.

So I return to the initial main question
What is the point in having a website!?

The ‘point’ of ANYTHING you invest in with regards your website should be to return that investment – simple as that.

If you are restaurant or bar owner and you are spending money on items for your business which do not intern bring value to your business, your business will not go far.

Whether they be loyalty cards or comment cards, flyers or posters, menus or your cafes website they MUST add value to your business.

So… how can a website add value to your business?


more correctly put

What do you WANT your website to do for you?

You see the first lesson when it comes to website design, it that websites can do ANYTHING!?

Forget contact forms and opening hours. My god, you can place that info on a Google+ page and they’ll show up to anyone looking straight away.

What do you want your website to do for you and your business!?

What do you really want it to do? Think big, get greedy, what do you want to accomplish.

The reason I ask is I need to get you thinking and realising just how powerful a website is.
Flyers and posters can push a few sales sure but:

  • a well designed website can revolutionise your business.
  • a well designed website can generate leads for your cafe 247
  • a well designed website can take reservations for your restaurant
  • a well designed website can take payments
  • a well designed website can do almost anything...

The goals of you and your business should be in align with your website.

Your website cannot be a one off investment. Your website must grow with your cafe, bar or restaurant.

So… what should these aims be?

1.) The main aim when owning one cafe, bar or restaurant should be to own 2 cafes, bars or restaurants!
2.) The aim of any cafe, bar or restaurant website today should be to becomes it own online ordering portal

Let’s break then down

1) The Main Aim When Owning 1 Cafe, Bar Or Restaurant Should Be To Own 2 Cafes, Bars Or Restaurants!

Of course!

What self respecting ambitious cafe, bar or restaurant owner hasn’t thought about the day he/she could open their second. And so it should be.
You cant become rich owning 1 eatery. And if you are, you are stressed to the max running it on full steam.

The aim of the first is to get it running to full capacity so that you can open your second and then perhaps your third. That way all can run smoothly not having t be constantly pushed and you can sit back and watch the money flow in.

To achieve this aim you will need something bigger your cafe, bar or restaurant. You will need a brand.

Without a brand you will simply be OPENING a second cafe, bar or restaurant – my god who wants that?

The whole point of going through the stress of establishing the first was that the second and subsequent future establishments would become not only easier to open and get running but much more importantly easier to establish and faster to make profitable.

To accomplish this you need to build your business into something bigger than it is.
A business has a ceiling to what it can accomplish. It is limited by time and staff and hours and geography.

A brand has no limits. Once a brand is established it can grow anywhere and become anything.

Brands can become global, business' cannot.

So… if deep down you truly want to open that second cafe, bar or restaurant than you need to begin working on your brand. This MUST be done online; which means the growth of your business must be intrinsically linked to the growth of your website.

(I just starting typing a few lines to convince you why growing a brand offline is more difficult when I realised- why the hell do I have to convince you to get online in todays age!! 
GET ONLINE! The internet is the most powerful tool of the 21st century. Get your business online and build a lead generation machine.

scarface quote

  • First you build your business
  • Then you build your brand
  • Then you build your second cafe, bar or restaurant

This brings us to aim number 2.

A completely different aim and one completely to do with profit

2) The Second Aim Of Any Cafe, Bar Or Restaurant Website Today Should Be To Becomes It Own Online Ordering Portal

As a cafe, bar or restaurant owner in todays world I am hoping you are familiar with some if not all of the below businesses.

  • Living social
  • groupon
  • Just eat
  • eat city
  • etc

What they all have in common is they make money by utilising large amounts of traffic.

And by sending that traffic to your business in large volumes you are willing to slash your margins to the bone in order to get the volume of orders.

It is a good business model but of course results in a lot more work for less profit while other bigger companies makes all the real money

As mentioned the only reason these sites work is because they have large amounts of traffic.

However, if you take a step back you should see the potential of what is at hand.

If you are happy to sell 50 soup and sandwiches for 75% off on Groupon while Groupon takes their cut
Then IF you can sell 50 soup and sandwiches on your own website you keep all the profit

You just need to build the network.

And this network is built upon the foundation of a Lead generating website.

The goal of your website should not (as mentioned above) to be to
look good

A good website is one that does the best job possible of converting the visitors to subscribers to customers.

The easiest way to do this is to convert visitors to subscribers and followers first.

Once you have built a substantial network of fans, followers and subscribers you can begin your own Groupon style, Just eat esk marketing campaigns.

Having huge sales with huge discounts knowing that your large following will avail of the offers in large numbers.
By doing this your network gets bigger and bigger, resulting in more sales AND you keep 100% of the profits.

It is not as difficult as it sounds, nor expsinve – it just takes time

There are no easy ways to build your network / following.

Any company that says other wise is talking bullshit.

But don't let that deter you

If anything it should excite you.

As once an engaged audience is built the marketing potential is endless.

From Mothers day to Patrick Day, Christmas to January sales if you have a local loyal and eager audience willing to buy your offers it becomes so much easier to quickly and steadily build your business.

​In Conclusion

As you can imagine aim 1 and aim 2 are both linked.

I recommend focusing on aim 2 first. Building a brand takes a little bit more money and so if you can establish even a small and steady flow of profits through your website this can be rerouted back into the website to expand its reach even further.

Want to change your website from a static brochure to a additional revenue stream?
Want to open that second establishment sooner rather than later?

Let's begin! Get in touch

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Print Marketing

Is Print Marketing Finally Dead?

Saying print marketing is dead is basically the same as saying marketing is dead.

The reason why any form of marketing will work it because it is either good or bad.

The way in which a message is spread is of little consequence.

Whether it be a leaflet, billboard, tweet, post or landing page - if the message resonates the message will work.

The reason why many believe print marketing is dead is because standards in marketing have risen and print companies who print (and only print) have not kept abreast of how the world of business has changed.

Most Print companies are still shelling out the same old rubbish they have been for years.

Having a website does nothing for a business If it simply sits there with no digital marketing strategy in place.  It will offer little value and bring little or no sales to a business.

Having a Facebook page will also do nothing for a business without a strategy. 

You can post motivational quotes all day and get likes, but are they customers? 

Getting sales from a Facebook page is again difficult if no brand and/or strategy is put in place.

This is no different to the trusty leaflet

Distribute a leaflet with the same tired copy and uncreative message you and your competitors are spreading and you will see little return.

Whether leaflet, website or Facebook page, they all must have marketing strategies behind them and be contained within a strong well designed brand.

In truth the clever businessman today is combining the strength of each one.

Leaflets can bring in sales and quickly.

Websites are so powerful for spreading news to customers but it is difficult to direct customers to them.

Social Media is great for engaging in customers but you still need a well designed website behind it to get sales from your Facebook followers.

Every marketing medium whether print, email, web or online advertising has their strengths and weaknesses.

The trick is they all must work together.

Print marketing is not dead. Marketing itself has simply become more complex and one form of marketing can no longer sustain and grow a business.Businesses which used print marketing for years are now struggling and so they stubbornly think – print is no longer working.

Print marketing is still working fineit is simply how you close the sale which has changed.

Print used to direct people to stores: 

Now print must direct people to websites

When on the website people need to be directed to what they want and fast.

Plus most people are checking your website on a smartphone or tablet.

If people like what they find they will comment or share their feedback.

This helps the ranking of this website on a lovely thing called Google

And around and around it goes.

Each element needs to link to the next.

A good worker doesn't blame his tools. Well if your business is good – don't blame your leaflets.

If you want to drive some sales and fast get in touch – to correct the design and massage on your leaflets is a simple fix, you just cant be afraid of change.

Because marketing with leaflets or flyers is an excellent way to drive sales fast.

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brand strategist paul feeney

What Do You Mean ‘Brand Management’?

"What do you do exactly Paul?"
"I'm in Brand Management"
"Right...... and what exactly is a brand management?"

I can fully understand why brand management is a slightly confusing or vague title. Because, essentially your brand is your everything and should be seen as such. 

One of the best ways to put across what exactly is brand management or more importantly its importance is to use the example of the Interview.

Waiting for interview

The INterview

When preparing for an interview, what do we do?

How do we prepare ourselves?

1) We prepare how we look
2) We prepare what we will say

how we look (image)

● We get our suit ready
● The right tie,
● The hair cut,
● The special touches such as cuff links, rolex or pocket square

what we say (content)

We also prepare what we will say,
What they might say and how best to respond,

All in all it is simply about putting our best foot forward and presenting ourselves in the best possible light. A version of ourselves that is as good as we can muster.

You get the job!

You get the job and someone asks,

"How did you get the job?"

What will you say?

Did you get the job because you had shiny shoes, nice haircut or the fact that you bought a new suit? Was it answers you memorised or the stories you told?

The answer of course, is it was all of it!

Even if we ask the interviewers, was it because of the candidates haircut or shiny shoes they got the job, they will of course say.

However, turning up with untrimmed facial hair or grubby shoes could also cost you the same job, even though all parties would say they had nothing to do with why you were selected.

Simply put, during an interview we present the best version of ourselves in all ways we can. From how we look to what we say. This is your personal brand and your company brand is no different.

From your logo to your business cards (The Look) to your email and Facebook marketing (What you say) it all matters in closing the deal with potential customers.

Your entire brand must be managed from how your company looks (Design) to what your company "says" (Copywriting) and all of this together is your company image or brand.

It is only through the establishment of a solid brand where trust, loyal customers and steady sales can be developed.

Want to build your business? 
Begin working on building your business brand.

To discuss the brand building of your company call me today.

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brand strategist paul feeney

3 Uncomfortable Truths Every Business Owner Should Face

When facing the mountainous challenge of building or growing a business having the right mindset is vital.

In order to grow a business we must:

● Clarify your message
● Build that message into a brand
● Build that brand upon a website which converts
● Build strategies into the website which sends traffic to the website which converts

In a nutshell:

we must face most (if not all) of the below marketing strategies

● Branding
● Web Design
● Blogging
● Email Marketing
● Sales Pages / Funnels
● Facebook Marketing (or some form of Social Media Marketing)

However, before any business owner can tackle all or some the above marketing strategies it would be hugely beneficial to their overall success if they faced a few hard truths. 

Harsh Truth No.1

What are "normal" expectations?

This is a simple truth which I feel is very beneficial for business owners to realise. What are "normal" fees, "normal" budgets or "normal" expectations when it comes to digital marketing.

With digital marketing still be relatively new and with very few business owners having utilised large scale digital advertising mediums, what they assume or feel is "normal" usually sets them up to fail.


🙂 Spending €1000 on radio advertising
🙂 Spending €1000 on newspaper advertising
🙂 Spending €1000 on magazine advertising
🙂 Spending €1000 on billboard advertising
🙂 Spending €1000 on Sponsorship advertising


🙁 Spending €1000 on Facebook Advertising
🙁 Spending €1000 on Email Marketing
🙁 Spending €1000 on Email Marketing

If you feel spending €1000 on Facebook in the first place is crazy money, then we have a problem.

If you don't want to, nor have the budget to spend €1000 on a Facebook marketing campaign THAT IS OK.

The issue is if you feel spending €1000 on Facebook in the first place is crazy; then we have a problem. It shines a light on the fact that you have not embraced the digital era and I now have an uphill battle fighting with an owner that Yes, wants to grow his or her business, but deep down wants to return to what they know and what they are comfortable with.

Harsh Truth Number 1 is if you feel spending a €1000 on Facebook is crazy, that means you have no idea of the true potential power of Facebook marketing (or digital marketing in general). It means you are slightly out of touch with digital marketing. The good news of course is knowing your weakness is a good thing.

Fully embrace the digital era and your company will benefit greatly from it.

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To grow your business, you must CONSTANTLY be thinking about your message.
the one week marketing plan book
email marketing cork

The above book and post are examples of the bullshit narrative that you can spend a week on a project and you will have a successful business.

Harsh Truth No.2


No, of course it is not a steadfast rule, but I feel if business owners started their attempts at growing their business' with this in mind, they would be better equipped to handle the slow progress, set backs and time it usually takes.

Business owners today are inundated with adverts from companies stating they can increase their revenue immediately or "Get that Number 1 spot on Google in 1 Week".

Of course their are X-Factor exceptions out there and Banks, TV and Media are all too happy to showcase their latest success story of the company that went from obscurity to national success in 1 year. But in truth to grow a company takes times. Many ducks must be in a row (Brand, Message, Website, Revenue Streams, Production, Customer Case, Staff etc) before true success can be achieved.

(By true success, I mean you as the owner can return to a hopeful 9-5 day with weekends off, steady and safe salary and a life) 

irish digital nomad paul feeney

Once I honed my skills in online marketing and SEO I travelled the world for 6 years working in over 22 countries. 

I wish someone had told me when I embarked on my business journey to simply choose a marketing medium and stick with it until success had been achieved. And if I had asked that someone, "how long will it take?", I wish that person had told me the truth and said "Roughly 2 years".

I don't say this to scare you, piss you off or manipulate you into hiring me and give me 2 years to make progress! I simply say it to get your frame of mind in the right way and that the conversation on growing your business begins in the right way with "truthful" expectations.

I still get calls all the time from clients saying, 'Paul a company just rang me saying they can get me on page 1 of Google, is this real?'. I always reply the same way, if a company could get themselves on page 1 of Google so easily they would be selling diamonds.

Harsh Truth Number 2 of growing a company is
● It Takes time,
● will be Expensive,
● Complex,
● Slow,
● there will be Set backs
● And you won't see results straight away

And I think you need to hear that and that it’s good to hear that!

Go to the personal trainer and ask what will it take to get a six pack? - A lot of training will be the response! Much more effort than people know. Success in business is the same.

I think knowing that helps

Know this and own it. Begin the challenge being prepared for a 1 to 2 years of hard work. If you approach the growth of your business with this mindset your chances of success increase ​​exponentially.

For this article I asked a few of my friends the simple question
"How did it take until you were successful?"

Picture of me and Tim


CEO of Pushowl

Shashank Kumar - CEO

I don't consider myself to be successful yet. But the journey to the state where I can live each day not worrying about the things like when I had a day job, took ~ 3 years.


CEO of Web Strategist

Tim Petch

Overnight success, but it was 15 years in the making

How long did it take?

Niall Doherty

Picture of me and Niall


Harsh Truth No.3

whose responsibility is it?

Whose responsible for the growth of your company? You or the designer?

If you are trying to grow your company, you are essentially trying to solve a problem and marketing is NOT a solution. Marketing is the shouting of the an attempted solution to the problem, but what if that solution is not correct?

For example:

You need a brand.
To most people a brand is simply a logo.
So you hire a graphic designer and he designs you a logo, done.

You need a website.
you hire a web designer
He designs you a website - website looks good, done.

You need some marketing.
You decide to print some flyers.
You go to a print company, they print you some flyers, done.

However, does a new logo, new website and some flyers result in a solid business? No, they result in a new logo, new website and some flyers! That's it.

Without a message, without a strategy, without a vision, they are simply tools we use to market. Marketing does work. Marketing will bring you sales, but it will not build you a business.

Sales stem from communicating a message that resonates with your target market and nowhere in the above examples is that fundamental truth addressed, and there in lies the issue.

If you hire me to design your website, I can build you a website, but who comes up with the brand, angle, message, copy, photography, style, sales pages and more?

For most business owners, they want me to do it, or worse it's an after thought

Over the years I've had countless businesses come to me with briefs such as:

"We need a website and we sell kitchens, so just put up some pictures, we want our logo nice and big, and you take the info from this old brochure (which is ten years old)"


"We have an important exhibition coming up! Next week! And it's so important! We need banners, brochures, Exhibition banners etc. What will we say I ask? Oh whatever - Cranes for hire, 30 years in operation - whatever, just knock it up, we need it by tomorrow"

The best one is the restaurant owner, who will spend €50,000 on his new kitchen and interior and not leave €1000 to market the establishment once open.

Marketing does work!

Websites, email marketing, Facebook marketing or any form of marketing work!

Design a flyer today and distribute it tomorrow and you will get sales!

But it is the message ON the flyer where true power lies and where true success and growth lies; and so whose responsible for that message?

Graphic designers, web designers or social media managers are not there to create your message. They are there to wrap your message in a bow, make it look good and get it out there, but the message has to come from you.

In order to grow your business, you must always be thinking of the message, that's it!

Once you fully understand this, you can then hire designers and say, this is the message, - They can then decide upon the best medium to get that message to the right people.

It's the message that counts and it will always be the message that counts.

Harsh Truth Number 3 is Business owners who understands the truth that web designers and graphic designers are not there to grow their companies will help business owner take responsibility for his or her companies message.

It is only in fully understanding your companies message and vision where success lies.


It is for these reasons (especially Truth 3) why I became a brand consultant / brand strategist.

As a brand strategist I can take responsibility for the success of my clients companies. 

I want to increase revenue for my clients - that's it;  and it was only by taking full control over all their marketing was I able to deliver.

By working to contracts I can handle everything. I can make sure every duck is in a row from the message to the brand, brand to the website, website to marketing mediums.

Want to grow your business?
● Understand your message,
● Outline a strategy and expectations,
● Do not stop implementation of strategy A until success is achieved


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