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Brand Management for Small Businesses


You’ve finally found it!

You’ve finally found it! A Design & Marketing Consultant who will grow and manage your Brand, Online Traffic, Email Marketing Lists & Social Media presence all at an affordable price.

My name is Paul Feeney and I specialise in closed-loop marketing systems and brand management specifically designed for the online needs of small to medium-sized enterprises.

I write, design and implement business systems designed to continuously grow a company’s Online traffic, SEO, Subscriber Lists, Social Media Presence and Brand.

A Closed Loop Marketing System Specifically Designed for smeS

Every business, no matter its size is at a different level of STUCK. From starter companies to large enterprises they all want to improve their online presence, get ranked highly on Google and grow their following on Social Media.

However with the implementation of digital strategies being complex, expensive, slow or all 3, growing an online presence can be frustrating.

What’s more frustrating is we know it must be done … continuously. You can’t just get your businesses ranked number 1 on Google and then stop. Once you stop, your website goes back down and with it your customer growth. When it comes to online marketing or growing your business in general, we are all looking for that edge over the competition.

Well today you have found it……. me

3 Rules Which Grow Any Business - FACT!

My expertise and services are not some secret formula. My approach works because everything I do is focused on 3 irrefutable business truths: If you want to grow your business you must:

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brand management
brand management

Each element of my system is linked to the next. If one link is weak or broken, the conversion chain of viewer to subscriber, subscriber/follower to customer is broken. All elements must work together.


What is Closed Loop Marketing?

  • Having a website is great, but pointless if people aren’t able to find it via organic search terms.
  • A website remains pointless if when people do find it they aren’t converted to customers.
  • Facebook pages or Twitter accounts with many followers or likes are pointless if not increasing a business’s bottom line.
  • Flyers, leaflets or any other form of print marketing are great for short term success, but fall short of their full potential if directing interested parties to a website or Facebook page with no system in place to convert said viewers to customers.

Each form of marketing above works! They really do. Create an ad campaign on Facebook or Google Ads today and you will increase sales. Distribute 5000 well-designed flyers and you will increase sales. However, these individual strategies can only close sales, nothing more. Growing a successful business is not about closing sales, it is about growing your customer base.

Continuously having sales, promotions, Google ads or flyer campaigns is not a sustainable strategy to grow a business.

Closed loop marketing within a bricks and mortar business model

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Once Starbucks gets someone in their doors they up-sell, capture them as customers and create a return path for the next time. However… this entire process begins with large volumes of ‘human traffic’ and Starbucks being found. Their stores are in high traffic areas where 1000’s of potential customers walk past every day.

I will create the same process for you but in an online capacity. No one i'm afraid will stumble upon your website by accident. If the only way to find your website is by searching for your brand name then only existing customers can find you. This is not what a website is for. Websites are for finding new customers. Potential customers will search for your products or services in Google and if they don’t find you, everything else is irrelevant.

I Design, Implement & Manage this Business Synergy

I link all marketing strategies into one coherent system! Flyers to websites, websites to email marketing, email marketing to Facebook, Facebook back to website. It is all about increasing your traffic. The more traffic your website receives, the higher your website is ranked. This results in more subscribers, more followers and subsequently… more traffic.

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Around and around it goes. An upward spiralling system which I manage fully. You focus on your strengths and get on with the day to day operations of running your establishment while I market and grow your business.

In order to maximise profits from online marketing, social media marketing, printand your website they must all be synergistically aligned.

They must work together to direct potential customers to (or back to) a website that has been specifically designed and optimised for converting these new visitors into customers and sales.

Graphic Designers, Web Designers & Printers work for your business.

I get your business working!

 – – – The Steps: – – –

Stage 1: Brand Management & Laying the Foundation

Step 1. Making sure your brand is on point.
Step 2. Redesigning your website.

Step 1.
The Rebrand: Focusing your Brand + Identity

First I will need to fully understand your brand and target demographic. This can sometimes lead to a rebrand. I do a Keyword analysis of your business, competitors and industry to establish your most profitable services and or products.

Everything I implement will fall short if we are advertising the right message to the wrong people. Allowing me time to research, redesign and implement a new brand image (if necessary) will ensure we are targeting the correct demographic.

There may be nothing more important than getting your name, logo and brand correct. We must target the correct market, simply because every other part of the process is dependent upon having a group of willing and able buyers.

No amount of hard work will help if we are targeting the wrong marketplace.

Step 2. Redesigning your Website

I don’t build websites, I build customer conversion sites. There is a huge difference. Every element, page, word and image is setup to convert a viewer to a customer. My websites are also built on skeleton frames allowing them to not only look and work perfectly on any device but load 7 times faster than average websites.

The above 2 steps result in a focused brand and new website designed to help convert visitors into customers. The next stage is to get people there.

Stage 2: Setting up your Closed Loop Marketing System

Closed Loop marketing is about Business Synergy and maximising the value of individual marketing strategies:Irrefutable business truth number 1: To grow your business you must increase your number of customers.

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Step 1. Improving Your SEO and Google Ranking

I increase the ranking of your website in Google in the correct manner. I do not use quick tricks which will increase your ranking for a short period only to subsequently decrease once I stop doing what I am doing. The only true way to increase your ranking in Google is to add fresh, relevant content to your website which includes keywords and relevance pertaining to your industry on a continual basis.

affordable seo services, cork design agency

Step 2. Converting visitors into subscribers

‘The Money is in the List’. Building an email marketing list by offering value in exchange for contact information.

I will integrate the most effective opt-in tools onto your website for capturing email addresses. Don’t have the time, technical knowledge or budget to integrate a list building system into your website? I will solve this dilemma for you. I will design, integrate and manage the entire process resulting in a closed circuit system of never-ending growth for your business.

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Step 3. Email list building

I will connect your innovative email capturing system seamlessly to the email marketing system ‘Mailchimp’ and manage all new subscribers that get added to your growing list. Each month I will contact your subscribers pointing them to information, offers, services, news and more housed on your new website. This increases the ranking of your website in Google while developing a relationship with your customers.

Remember, our first goal is to increase your number of customers. Our second is to increase the average transaction value per customer.


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Step 4. Social Media Management

Constantly engaging with customers via social media builds your brand and helps establish trust.

To grow that trust value must be offered with no want in return. This proves to your customers you simply want to look after them and keep them happy long term. Not make a quick buck and move on.

All content created for your website, (which gets emailed to your subscribers) also gets promoted via your social media network. With the correct use of links, copy and imagery I begin to ‘close the loop’ on how prospective customers find and interact with your business.

This constant engagement combined with a steady increase in your Google ranking, slowly begins to transform your business into something. Your company is not only a business, but a brand. A business is limited to the constraints of time and budget, a brand is not. A brand can grow exponentially.

Let's Build an Unstoppable Business

I improve the effectiveness of your website. I connect, contact and engage with your clients through monthly email and social media marketing campaigns and I create, implement and manage this entire brand management process.

Want to discuss brand management?
Get in touch today.

Expert Advice and Personalised Help, Every Step of the Way

I won’t just grow your business. I will input a system into your business that even if you decide to cancel your monthly marketing plan, what will remain will be a solid business foundation of optimised website, focused brand across all mediums and an energised online presence from email marketing through to social media marketing.
Each month my system will continuously grow your business.

Designers and Printers work for your business,

I get your business working. Let’s begin.

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About the Author Paul Feeney

Paul Feeney is a Brand Manager, SEO Specialist, Marketer and Designer who helps businesses increase traffic, attract more visitors, convert leads and close sales.

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I offer weekly Mastermind calls which help business owners gain clarity, confidence and clients through advice, support & accountability.

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