Are you looking for a better Work-Life Balance?

I work with clients in a way to promote a calmer, more balanced, more fulfilling way to work and live.

Very few of us go into business for money. Our initial ambitions are to carve out more free time doing something we love. 

However, with growing a business being expensive, complex and time-consuming it can be hard to strike that perfect work-life balance.

I help by making growing your business fast, affordable and hassle free.

Having studied Design and Marketing, I have always made money for myself, setting up my first company while at University.

I set up my second design company at 22 running it for three years in a bricks and mortar fashion.

At 25 I closed my office, brought my company online and moved to China. What started as a 3 month experiment turned into a 6 year world trip where I lived and worked in over 22 countries.

  • During 6 years of consecutive travel I researched, experimented with, and invested in dozens of online marketing strategies.
  • The more marketing knowledge I acquired the more it became clear, that at the heart of a successful business was its brand; and this “brand” came from the business owner. 
  • A happy and healthy owner equals a focused and confident owner. This inner confidence promote vision which in turn promotes a healthy work environment with happy staff working towards a common goal.
  • Keeping my clients focused, calm and on-point, ensuring they don't lose themselves in the everyday management of their companies, is at the heart of what I offer, and is at the heart of building a successful business and life.
  • I decided I had to offer my clients more than simply “marketing” solutions. I had to be there to help them build their companies and themselves; making sure they and their staff believed and were excited in the potential growth of their company.
irish digital nomad paul feeney
irish digital nomad paul feeney
irish digital nomad paul feeney
irish digital nomad paul feeney
irish digital nomad paul feeney
branding workshop by paul feeney

In 2018, after 6 years of travelling and working online, I moved home to Ireland in an effort to bring everything I learned about business, marketing and building a balanced lifestyle to fruition.

Basing myself in Westport, Ireland, I want to share all the business knowledge I have accumulated over the past 15 years with fellow ambitious business owners who want to live happy, healthy and financially free lives.

"We needed to develop a brand that could be utilised across all marketing. Paul not only delivered...but made it extensible and dynamic with the future in mind. His ability to understand our company’s message lead to the realisation of our corporate branding beyond our expectations".

William Lyons - Marketing Manager, Shimmer Research

"Paul has developed numerous marketing strategies for us over the years and is an absolute pleasure to work with. Paul is very creative; gets a good understanding of our needs and always delivers a creative solution which has ‘wowed’ our customers. It is great to work with such a professional".

Mike McGrath - Founder of and etendering expert with the European Commission

"Paul’s hands on approach to marketing and growing a business is exactly what a business needs in todays fast paced world of digital marketing".

Martijn Moret - Founder of AirFi Operations, Asia

"We have no hesitation in recommending Paul to anyone looking for business development which will truly reflect who they are. His passion and ability to inspire is contagious within an organisation".

Clare O'Mahony - Marketing Manager, Credit Union

Let’s create a business plan and (this time) stick to it!