My name is Paul Feeney and I specialise in closed-loop marketing systems and brand management specifically designed for the needs of the hospitality sector and SMEs.

I write, design and implement business systems designed to continuously grow an establishment's Online traffic, SEO, Subscriber Lists, Social Media Presence and Brand.

Every business, no matter its size is at a different level of STUCK. 

From starter companies to large enterprises they all want to improve their online presence, get ranked highly on Google and grow their following on Social Media.

However with the implementation of digital strategies being complex, expensive, slow or all 3, growing an online presence can be frustrating.

What’s more frustrating is we know it must be done ….. continuously. You can’t just get your businesses ranked number 1 on Google and then stop. Once you stop, your website goes back down and with it your customer growth. 

When it comes to online marketing or growing your business in general, we are all looking for that edge over the competition.

Well today you have found it ........... me

A prelude

I want to offer value

10 years of marketing experience, so Im sure I can show you something - right?

And so when thinking about what is the main issue business’ have when trying to grow, it is not that they cant afford or dont understand the marketing tactics (That i will cover) it is that they either

Don’t trust me
Dont fully appreciate the medium
Do appreciate the medium but dont fully grasp how much work it takes
Do realise how much work it takes, start, but give up after a few months as it simply takes up to much time

The Educo Gym

Any know the Educo Gym? 
There is a gym in Cork that costs €500 per month, 2 sessions per week, personal trainer

You could train at home

You could train at a gym

You could train at a gym with a personal trainer

But we all understand the idea behind educo - if we pay €500, we will do it.

And so the information that Educo gives you will be no different to info you can find for free, but their model essentially forces you to finally say, enough is enough, im going to train 3 times a week hard for months until I see results.

And that is how you must approach this

It is step by step by step, BUT, even worse, you wont be able to really see your progress,

Slide - Fat on page 6 of google, fat on page 5 of google, fat - six pack, BOOM, one day, six pack

So the real issue with brand management is trust.

In order for brand management to work you have to trust me.

And why would you trust me, you don’t know me.


Marketing managers are bullshit

You could call me a marketing manager, (I use brand manager)
If you say marketing manager people tend to understand what that is
As someone who has run a print company for 10 years and having worked with countless marketing managers I can see why many people would see my role as bullshit, because ive seen.
Marketing managers are just that, they manage marketing, they hire other people to do work and they simply administrate the projects as they have no background in each medium themselves.


What is the issue? What are we talking about? What problem are we trying to solve?

Before we delve into each marketing medium, we have to be careful about what we trying to achieve, because it is in this world of ‘what are we doing’, where the issues arise. Email marketing is not that complex. Facebook marketing is not that complex, but if you right now google, ‘Email marketing expert Cork’ or ‘Facebook Marketing Expert’, you will be met by agencies that you can’t afford, or A FEW people you can afford, but who you dont trust, and for the most part - nor should you.

So, the reason I bring this up is that, we should approach this as a foundational class.

As a business owner you need to understand your brand,

have a vision and

have a strategy which helps you work towards that vision

A brand manager is a chef

So what I mean by that is, I could show you email marketing or SEO or blogging, but will you use them? Or will you know how to implement them into your business - and the anseer for the most part is no. because it’’s really, really difficult.

For me, a simple example of this is cooking, Jamie Oliver could be here today and he could show us how to cook a meal, and we cook it, follow his instructions and it tastes amazing. But that does not mean we know how to cook or why it tastes good. We have simply followed instructions.
Now Jamie Oliver showing us some fundamentals of how food and cooking works, that might help us in the kitchen forever, so that is how I want you to approach this talk and my workshop series afterwards.

Why am I different to other marketing managers

About me -

Started business in Cork

Virtually Nomadic, travelling the world,


Back in Cork with all skills

Im excited you are here guys, because you have found me! Im serious, no more wasting money on a million different tools or services, I will gladly help everyone here grow their business UNTIL their business is successful - and what I mean by that, is until the end, if it takes a year, ill meet you! I will! - Testimonial - My aims - Bodhi

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